Sunday, July 3, 2022

Flopcast 530: That is a Meatball

One more concert report, this time on a fine evening of synthpop and rock from Freezepop, Carissa Johnson, The Daylilies, and Telelectrix! (We were lurking in the corner, hiding behind a Sleestak mask, but we were there.) And the rest of the episode is also quite musical, including: Happy Birthday to Joan Osborne, Kornflake's weird recipes for Bananarama (and Shakespears Sister) pancakes, another losing round of our Ranking the '80s game, and our exciting new business venture. (We're gonna sell John Denver-themed car air fresheners. Don't tell anyone. We thought of it first.)

Show Notes

Kevin's concert photos have made the Mayor's job easy for the last few weeks. Liz and Christmas from Freezepop joined Telelectrix for a Bananarama cover:

The Daylilies:

Carissa Johnson:

Last, but certainly not least, Freezepop!