Sunday, November 27, 2022

Flopcast 551: Trouble at the Lumberjack Factory

As is tradition around here, we're taking a bunch of those Hallmark-style made-for-TV holiday movies, and we're fixing them. Over 150 goofy new holiday movies are debuting this year, and they're all the same: random big city career women are returning to their hometowns to save their grandfathers' stuggling figgy pudding shops while also falling in love with flannel-shirted dudes who run kitten orphanages. Our plan is to randomly insert some weird new element to each movie, thus creating an instant holiday classic. Can these movies be redeemed by adding stuff like roller disco, giant starfish, or actors from Happy Days? We think you know the answer. Hang on, kids, we're gonna save Christmas.

Show Notes

Here's Eve Plumb in A Holiday Spectacular, just one of this year's goofy Hallmark movies.

Meanwhile, Lisa Loeb brings diversity to the lineup in Hanukkah on Rye.

Never fear, Starro is here to save all the holidays!

Kevin comes full circle on the annual Earth Station One Geek Holiday Gift Guide.