Sunday, December 4, 2022

Flopcast 552: You Bring the Sasquatch

For our holiday shopping, we're traveling back to 1981 and looking through an advertisement flyer from Child World, a toy store chain that just happened to have a Woonsocket, Rhode Island location. Kevin and Kornflake have selected 4 ½ gifts for each other, but we used very different shopping strategies. Kornflake thoughtfully chose classic video games, Star Wars toys, and super hero action figures. Meanwhile Kevin was just looking for strange stuff, so we have a freaky doll with hair that really grows, a forgotten (but possibly awesome) game called Baboon Ball, a forgotten (but possibly terrifying) playset called the Clown House, and more. Cover yourselves; things are about to get weird under the tree.

Show Notes

Why not do your holiday shopping at Child World in 1981? We did!

The Mayor came from an Intellivision family, and the pinnacle of her video game experience was Treasures of Tarmin.