Sun, March 23, 2013

Flopcast 046: Three Angry Turkeys

Having survived their bizarre trip to Minnesota for MarsCon, Kevin and Kornflake are safely back in Chickentown. (And thanks to their shiny new court-ordered ankle monitors, they'll never leave again!) This week: Kornflake has a Flopcast-themed nightmare and a turkey-themed tale of terror, "National Whatever Day" involves (get ready for a shock) lobsters, and we're not quite done with our coverage of MarsCon! Yes, we have three crazy interview clips for you, with three of our favorite MarsCon performers: Power Salad, TV's Kyle, and Flat 29! Has Chris from Power Salad ever dunked a chicken (which is totally not a euphemism)? Can we get TV's Kyle to agree (grudgingly) that the greatest cartoon of all time is Jabberjaw? Are Flat 29's Dan and Charlie planning to force their bandmate Rich to undergo horrific cosmetic surgery? Listen and learn! (Or just keep reading right now. The answer to every question is yes.)

Show Notes

Mikey Mason provided the ID for this episode.

On March 25, you can celebrate Lobster Newburg Day, or set those lobsters free in honor of Kornflake's birthday!

Kevin's discussion with Chris Mezzolesta touched on his voice work, his music, and this chicken washing video:

Here's Chris performing at MarsCon:

Kornflake with Lindsay and TV's Kyle:

Flat 29 performs "Menfriends", because that's what they are!

Poker chips from the Klingon party room: