Sunday, March 27, 2016

Flopcast 203: Some Melons?

A sleepy Mayor of Chickentown joins Kevin and Kornflake for a round of "What's in the Bag?" featuring Batman and lobsters (our two favorite things); in perhaps our all-time stupidest National Whatever Day, we learn about Chinese gooseberries, and how Kornflake really feels about produce managers; Kevin wanders around Vermont and experiences the bizarre tradition of "sugar on snow" (it's weirder than you think — pickles are involved); and we check out a crazy CBGB-themed concert and burlesque show, featuring a Blondie tribute by Niki Luparelli and the Gold Diggers, a Ramones tribute by Warthog, and a Talking Heads tribute by Byrne's Big Suit. (We'd been trying to figure out what was lacking in Kornflake's life. The answer was punk rock and strippers. But isn't that always the answer?)

Show Notes

March 2 is Love Your Produce Manager Day. Apparently that's a thing. And sugar on snow is a thing too.

Felicity is a big fan of Pop Culture Happy Hour and regular panelist Glen Weldon, whose new book The Caped Crusade is in the bag this week.

Not discussed on this episode, but demonstrating what a silly and charming fellow Glen is, he offered to write a ridiculous compliment for anyone who pre-ordered his book and emailed him proof of purchase. Felicity let him know it was a gift for Kevin, and he complimented them both!

All three of your hosts plus Amanda from Skepchick enjoyed their big burlesque night out at "CBGB or Bust" (Get it?) featuring Niki Luparelli, Warthog, and Byrne's Big Suit, and hosted by Ken Reid!