Sunday, February 19, 2017

Flopcast 250: Raiders of the Lost Marx

Kevin returns to his old stomping grounds of Woonsocket, Rhode Island for a frighteningly close encounter with 1980s pop icon (and our personal hair hero) Richard Marx. (Yes, he was right there waiting, and yes, we should've known better... yikes, these Richard Marx references are becoming something of a hazard... 'twas a great concert nevertheless.) Not knowing when to quit, Kevin then makes a second visit to Rhode Island, this time to see The Mads (that is, Mystery Science Theater 3000's Frank and Trace, who brought along a goofy old movie, believe it or not). And along the way, we just might run into a member of our favorite synthpop band, and discover the Golden Chicken award. Meanwhile, Kornflake has her latest podcast recommendation (featuring science, and grit, and barking people), and teaches us about Single Tasking Day. (Single tasking is way more effective than multi-tasking — especially if, like us, you lack the wisdom of a wombat.)

Show Notes

The Mayor is still pretty jet-lagged, so please accept this photo of Richard Marx in lieu of coherent thoughts.

We're jealous of Chan's! Why hasn't Leon Redbone given us a chicken trophy?

The Mads are still on tour, so look for them somewhere near you!

Take a break from multi-tasking! No one is very good at it anyway. Embrace single tasking on February 22.