Sunday, April 7, 2019

Flopcast 361: Hey, Mike

Two more concert reports this week: First 80s pop star Taylor Dayne came to town, and we told it to her heart, proved our love, and didn't rush her. We also read her new autobiography, so we're bursting with fun Taylor facts, only some of which involve shady Russian nightclubs and wolves. Next KISS brought their big goofy rock show to Boston, and we were there, hoping to see Fake Gene Simmons riding the subway, which we did. Also: A freak grocery store incident leads to a frank discussion of The Difference Between Kevin and Kornflake. But more importantly, Draw a Bird Day is this week. Please have your hand turkeys and your foot chickens ready to go.

Show Notes

Kevin drew a bird just for you (not really).

Kevin wasn't going to let another chance to see Taylor Dayne pass by!


Artist David Garibaldi opened for KISS on their "final" tour.