Sunday, April 5, 2020

Flopcast 413: Dark and Brooding Like Kornflake

In these weird scary times, we're keeping the Flopcast short, simple, and (hopefully) silly, as we review our latest trapped-in-the-house activities. Kornflake has been checking out music from Vance Gilbert, Jim Infantino, They Might Be Giants, and Carbon Leaf... and she also invented a goofy potato game. Meanwhile Kevin just started watching The Mandalorian and rewatching Ozark, when he's not distracted by old wrestling videos. (Was the appearance of the "Where's the Beef?" lady at Wrestlemania 2 the greatest moment in sports history? You know the truth.) Also, because in another timeline this is baseball season, we take a quick look at The Bad News Bears - not the movie, but the short-lived, long-forgotten TV series. It's been missing from your life for forty years, it's available on DVD for your social distancing entertainment needs, and it has all the Corey Feldman Little League action you can possibly handle.

Show Notes

Like everything else, Tater Day festivities have been cancelled this year.

Clara Peller (the "Where's the Beef?" lady) at Wrestlemania 2

Corey Feldman and Meeno Peluce in The Bad News Bears, a TV adaptation that holds up reasonably well