Sunday, April 2, 2023

Flopcast 569: Maple Fools

A quick springtime mixed bag of weirdness: April has arrived, and Kornflake is celebrating with a sugary holiday of her own making, Maple Fools Day. Speaking of sugar, National Whatever Day finds us wishing a Happy Birthday to the writer of The Archies' greatest hit. Our impromptu Funko Pop game is so shocking that you won't believe your cold dead black vinyl eyes. Kevin races through Salem, Massachusetts for twenty miles in seach of giant black cats and Elizabeth Montgomery statues. And we randomly discover a short-lived 80s sitcom with a cast including the guy from Family Affair, the guy from Northern Exposure, and Magic Johnson. What does it all mean? Hey, we were hoping you could tell us.

Show Notes

Songwriter Jeff Barry is the person whose birthday we are celebrating on April 3. His influence stretches far beyond the Monkees and Archies!

The Elizabeth Montgomery statue wasn't on Kevin's race route, but it is adjacent to one of the Mayor's favorite restaurants, Flying Saucer Pizza Company, which is both sci-fi and pug themed!

We consulted Single Season Sitcoms of the 1980s once again, and this time it steered us to The Pursuit of Happiness, set in Philadelphia and starring Paul Provenza (though his hair appears to be the real star of the opening credits). Watch the first episode on YouTube!