Sunday, April 16, 2023

Flopcast 571: The Super Dictionary - From A to Chicken

1978's The Super Dictionary attempted to teach kids vocabulary using DC Comics superheroes. We don't know if it succeeded as a learning tool, but it sure succeeded in being super weird. (If you've ever seen that silly image of Lex Luthor stealing forty cakes, it comes from this very book.) This week we're examining a few Super Dictionary entries, which involve Wonder Woman sneezing, a banana for Aquaman, Robin chasing "the bad women" on bicycles, Superman trapped in a "soapy water ball," Supergirl as a centipede, Hawkgirl dancing on the ceiling like Lionel, and much more. We had to stop at "chicken," because we just couldn't take it anymore, but perhaps we'll revisit this bizarro book someday. Meanwhile, Happy Birthday to Conan O'Brien, whose podcast is way more popular than ours. Possibly because he doesn't just read from a dictionary.

Show Notes

Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend has provided Kevin and Felicity with a great deal of entertainment. We even own some merch!

How many children were permanently scarred by the weird scenarios in this book?