Sunday, May 7, 2023

Flopcast 574: Soggy Tacos

For just the second time in three horrifying years, Kevin and Kornflake are together in the same place for the Flopcast! And that place is... a hotel room in New Hampshire! (This is Kornflake's home state, and that explains A LOT.) To celebrate, we're learning some weird New Hampshire facts involving UFOs, old libraries, state songs, and a shopping mall where Kornflake may have gone to college. We also go through a list of famous people from New Hampshire, including three SNL cast members and someone who witnessed Kevin's terrible old Spam-juggling act. Finally Kornflake breaks out some giant weird New Hampshire cookies, and there is much chomping. This was all part of her plan to help Kevin carb up for a half marathon the following day. (Update: Kornflake promised miserable steady rain for the whole race, and she was CORRECT.)

Show Notes

Read about Ben Franklin's books at the Franklin Library!

Crumbl Cookies aren't just in New Hampshire...they're a franchise and they might have a location near you! Felicity appreciates Kornflake bringing enough for Kevin to take some home.