Sometimes Kevin, Kornflake, and even the Mayor make appearances on other podcasts! Here is a list of episodes on which you can find us.


Earth Station One

Episode 375 - ESO Book Club: Watchmen
June 29, 2017
Another installment of the Book Club features Kevin in a discussion of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' Watchmen.

Episode 355 - Artist Spotlight Featuring Joe Kubert
Feb 2, 2017
Legendary comic artist Joe Kubert, whose work spanned many genres, is the subject of discussion for Kevin, Mike, Mike, and Mark. Kevin also plugs MarsCon in the Khan Report.

Episode 347 - ESO Book Club: The Sandman Preludes and Nocturnes
Dec 8, 2016
Kevin joins the crew for the premiere of the ESO Book Club, discussing the first installment of Neil Gaiman's long-running Sandman saga.

Episode 342 - Stranger Things
Nov 3, 2016
Recorded on Halloween, this episode features Kevin and Felicity talking about the spooky Netflix series Stranger Things.

Episode 337 - Taking A Bite Out of iZombie
Sep 29, 2016
Kevin finally recovered enough from DragonCon to travel up to the station and chat about iZombie.

The 6th Annual ESO Network Dragon Con Special
Sep 14, 2016
Kevin and Felicity join the whole crazy ESO network crew for a top secret, after hours, pie-fueled recording session at DragonCon 2016!

Episode 334 - The 30th Anniversary of Little Shop of Horrors
Sep 10, 2016
On her very first DragonCon panel, Felicity joins Mike, Mike, Gary, and Darren to discuss everybody's favorite musical about a man-eating plant.

Episode 323 - One Season Wonders
June 23, 2016
Felicity hitches a ride up to the station with Kevin to discuss notable TV shows that lasted one season or less. We were contractually obligated to mention Manimal!

Episode 322 - Artist Spotlight on George Perez
June 18, 2016
Kevin slips into the co-host seat for this episode, focusing on the art of prolific comic illustrator George Pérez, whose many credits include the influential New Teen Titans.

Episode 308 - The Work of Carmine Infantino
Mar 12, 2016
The classic ESO lineup of Mike, Mike, AND Bobby is joined by Kevin to look back on the amazing career of comic book artist and publisher Carmine Infantino. Carmine's remarkable body of work includes memorable runs drawing The Flash, Batman, Adam Strange, Elongated Man, Star Wars, Spider-Woman, Supergirl, Dial H For Hero, and most importantly... Detective Chimp. (And yes, his nephew is Jim Infantino of Jim's Big Ego!)

Episode 303 - The Monkees
Feb 6, 2015
Kevin is back up on the station with Mike & Mike, Cary (of the Metal Geeks podcast), and Monkee Magic author Melanie Mitchell! Join us for some good old fashioned Tork talk.

Episode 298 - Geek Talk
Dec 31, 2015
Kevin joins ESO hosts Mike and Mike, as well as guests Nunuche Nuchtchas and J Patrick, for some general geek talk. Topics include current and upcoming comic book-based movies and TV shows, the impact of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, The Muppets, and more.

The ESO Network Reunion Podcast Vol. 5 - Live From Dragon Con 2015
Sep 15, 2015
In the middle of DragonCon, a dozen or so lunatics from the ESO Network (including Kevin) gather in a secret undisclosed location to talk all about our favorite (and craziest) convention of the year. Much pie is consumed, and things get silly. ("Pie" is a beverage. It is not for the weak.)

Episode 281 - The History of "The Flash"
Sep 3, 2015
Mike, Mike, Dr. Q, and Kevin celebrate 75 years of the fastest man alive! Flash is a hit on TV these days, but we go back to his comic book roots, and not even Captain Boomerang can stop us. More fun than a trip to Gorilla City.

Episode 273 - The 40th Anniversary of Jaws
July 1, 2015
Enjoy some shark talk! Then keep listening as Kevin pops up in ESO's Khan Report segment to talk about CONvergence in Bloomington, Minnesota. (Fun fact: Minnesota is the number one spot in the world for shark attacks.)

Episode 255 - Live from New York It's Saturday Night
Feb 26, 2015
Kevin, Mike, and Mike share some deep thoughts about forty years of Saturday Night Live! Isn't that special.

Episode 248 - 2014 In The Geek Seat!!!
Jan 8, 2015
Kornflake gets strapped in the infamous ESO Geek Seat! Then Kornflake and Kevin help Mike and Mike look back on every ridiculous thing that happened in 2014. (It was "The Year of the Chicken," according to scientists.)

Episode 243 - The 5th Annual Holiday Geek Gift Guide
Dec 3, 2014
Kevin, Mike, Mike, and Mary are here to help you find the perfect gift for the geek in your life! (But didn't Sally have the best advice in A Charlie Brown Christmas? Just send money. Tens and twenties.)


The Batcave Podcast

From the Files of the Batcomputer 35 - An All-star Tribute to Adam West
June 21, 2017
Kevin is among those paying tribute to the actor whose association with Batman far outlasted his televised role.


Earth Station DCU

Episode 49 - Supergirl/Flash/Arrow 2017 Season Finales
May 31, 2017
Kevin and Mike join regular hosts Drew and Cletus to discuss the season finales of three CW programs.


Mutter's Spiral

Gallifrey One, Sunday Night
Feb 24, 2017
One of Felicity's favorite Doctor Who podcasts allowed her to yammer on about Gallifrey One past and present.


Pop Culture Cosmos

Episodes 14, 15, and 16
Dec 2016
Kevin's reputation precedes him — his appearance to discuss the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame extends into three episodes of this new addition to the ESO network!


A Year With the Beatles

Episode 11a - The Animated Beatles
Dec 27, 2016
Felicity was never previously exposed to the televised Beatles cartoons from the 1960s. Graeme and Rob solicit her opinions on these as well as the much more memorable Yellow Submarine film.


Views From the Longbox

Episode 247: Wonder Woman - The 75th Anniversary
Oct 4, 2016
"Let George Pérez talk" was the strategy employed by Kevin and the other panelists involved in this tribute to Wonder Woman at DragonCon.

Episode 246: The Superhero-Versary
Sep 27, 2016
2016 brings a bumper crop of character anniversaries, several of which have been discussed on the Flopcast. If you can't get enough of Kevin talking about superheroes, he participated in this DragonCon panel as well!

Episode 245: Watchmen - 30 Years, 35 Minutes Ago
Sep 20, 2016
On this panel from DragonCon 2016, Kevin is among those who came together to discuss the 30th anniversary of the iconic comic by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons.

Episode 195: From Howard to Hasselhoff, A Marvel Movie Panel
Nov 18, 2014
Kevin was part of this late night panel for the American Sci-Fi Classics track at DragonCon 2014. Long before Robert Downey slipped into his Iron Man suit, the Marvel movies and TV shows of the 70s and 80s tended to be goofy and/or bizarre, just the way we like them.


Earth Station Who

Episode 137 - Earthshock
Aug 20, 2016
On our network's very own Doctor Who podcast, Felicity joins the gang to talk about the Fifth Doctor story "Earthshock".


Reality Bomb: A Doctor Who Podcast

Episode 036
July 28, 2016
A special documentary focuses on the behind-the-scenes programs produced by New Jersey Network in the 1980s. Felicity is among the fans you will hear reminiscing about them.

Episode 020
Feb 27, 2015
Graeme rounds up two Felicitys and a Robert to talk about what they would most like to see in Series 9 of Doctor Who.

Episode 012
June 19, 2014
Felicity defends The Keys of Marinus in "Gallery of the Underrated" and is also featured in a special documentary covering 30 years of Doctor Who fandom.

Episode 005
Nov 19, 2013
Felicity discusses convention harassment policies with Graeme.


Luke and Carrie's Bad Rapport

Episode #124 - Mammogramaphone
(June 2016)
A message from Kornflake makes it into this episode!

Episode #110 - I Know How Hats Work
(Oct 2014)
Kornflake is in California for the wedding of TV's Kyle and Lindsay! Of course she also gets in some podcasting with the great Luke Ski and a bunch more of our crazy friends from the world of comedy music!

Episode #105 - FuMPFeST 2014
(July 2014)
Bad Rapport's coverage of the very first FuMPFeST convention includes a segment featuring — together for the first time — all six hosts of Bad Rapport, The Pod of Destiny, and The Flopcast! Needless to say, we are recording in the middle of a very loud Italian restaurant.

Episode #100 - Live At MarsCon 2014
(Mar 2014)
Luke and Carrie celebrate 100 episodes of Bad Rapport in front of a live audience at MarsCon! Kornflake is there too, with a tale from her Dementia Water Aerobics class...


Geeks Without God

Episode 192 - Growing Up Secular
Mar 8, 2016
Felicity secured a guest spot on one of her favorite podcasts with a pledge to the Vermin kickstarter campaign! She talks with Tim, Nick, and Molly about her secular upbringing and answers their Five Questions.


The White Rocket Podcast

White Rocket 080: Thundarr the Barbarian - panel at DragonCon 2015
Oct 20, 2015
Kevin is part of a big crazy panel all about that classic early 80s cartoon, Thundarr the Barbarian! Before the panel starts, we actually watch a whole episode. And for the complete Saturday morning experience, Joe Crowe (director of DragonCon's American Sci-Fi Classics track) even provides cereal and milk.


Kyle and Luke Talk About Toons

Kyle and Luke Talk About Toons 26: OSWS
Sep 28, 2015
Kevin joins Kyle, Luke, and Devo Spice to analyze Luke's new song "Orko, Slimer, Wicket, and Snarf" and discuss the billions of obscure 1980s cartoon characters referenced therein.

Kyle and Luke Talk About Toons 13: Kyle and Luke and Kevin and Kornflake Flop About Toons Plus Bill
Mar 30, 2014
A differently-edited version of Flopcast 098, recorded at MarsCon 2014 with Kevin & Kornflake, Kyle & Luke, and lots more goofy friends. This is your big chance to hear the stuff Kevin edited out, but Kyle didn't. Enjoy!


The Funny Music Podcast

Episode 222
Sep 18, 2015
Kevin joins Kyle, Luke, and Devo Spice to analyze Luke's new song "Orko, Slimer, Wicket, and Snarf" and discuss the billions of obscure 1980s cartoon characters referenced therein. (This is the same recording heard in Kyle and Luke Talk About Toons episode 26, but with additional Funny Music Podcast-only content too!)


Arrow Squad

AS 63 - Is Happiness Overrated? An Arrow Fan Panel at DragonCon
Sep 12, 2015
It's a bunch of geeks (including Kevin) discussing the Arrow TV series for the American Sci-Fi & Fantasy Media track at DragonCon 2015!


Needless Things

Needless Things Podcast 72 - Dragon Con 2015: Toy Stories
Sep 11, 2015
Phantom Troublemaker hosts a fun panel at DragonCon in which panelists and audience members share their favorite toys (and stories about those toys). Kevin has a story about a Micronaut that competed in a Cub Scout Pinewood Derby. Really.


The Pod of Destiny

Pod of Destiny - EP053 - Flop of Destiny part 2 (Bill's Trip to Marscon 2014 part 1)
Mar 22, 2015
Kornflake and Kevin join Blasted Bill and a bunch more crazy people for some silly conversation in the hotel lobby at MarsCon 2014! (Note: A highly edited version of this recording can be heard in Flopcast 097. But the Pod of Destiny brings you the uncensored truth. Enjoy...)

Pod of Destiny - EP047 - Our Trip to Luke Ski Con 2013
Oct 25, 2013
It's Blasted Bill and Moonbeam live at LukeSkiCon 2013, along with plenty more silly humans, including our very own Kornflake!

Pod of Destiny - EP045 - Bill's Trip to Marscon 2013 - Flop of Destiny part 2
Sep 9, 2013
More of the unedited version of our Flopcast/Pod of Destiny combo show from MarsCon 2013! (See Flopcast 044 for the edited version...)

Pod of Destiny - EP044 - Bill's Trip to Marscon 2013 - Flop of Destiny part 1
Sep 2, 2013
Part 1 of the unedited version of our Flopcast/Pod of Destiny combo show from MarsCon 2013! (See Flopcast 044 for the edited version...)


The Doctor Who Book Club Podcast

Episode 50: Just War
Mar 1, 2015
Felicity joins Erik and Sean for their 50th episode, recorded at Gallifrey One. She selected Lance Parkin's Just War, a Virgin New Adventure featuring the Seventh Doctor, Benny, Roz, and Chris.


Flat 29's Big Book of Everything

Chapter 46 - America
(Website says May 14, 2015, which isn't right - must have been Spring 2013)
Our favorite British comedy music trio brings their silly podcast to America for MarsCon 2013! Listen for Kornflake's Freudian slip that makes the room explode.