Sunday, May 14, 2017

Flopcast 262: Five Years of Flopping

Yes, our goofy little podcast is five years old this week, so we're celebrating, as expected, with coffee and more coffee. But we're also looking back at all our amazing guests (yikes, for a show that doesn't have a lot of guests, we've had a lot of guests) and beloved Flopcast segments. (We run through just about every subject ever covered in our Top 4 ½ List, Pudding Pages, Chickens in the News, and What's in the Bag segments. It's a long, weird list. Get comfortable.) So hey, thanks for listening! We assure you, the next five years will be just as stupid.

Show Notes

The entire month of May is dedicated to Employee Health and Fitness, with some dispute as to the official national day. Regardless, it's time to get those chickens in shape!

Show notes for all of our episodes can be found right here on this site! Take a trip down memory lane...

First Top 4 ½ List: Flopcast 002

First Chickens in the News: Flopcast 006

First Pudding Pages: Flopcast 041

First What's in the Bag: Flopcast 001

The Hoop Chicken from Dial H for Hero references the British phrase "cock-a-hoop", meaning "extremely and obviously pleased, especially about a triumph or success". Your hosts are indeed very pleased to have reached the the five-year mark, and thankful for all our great listeners!