Sunday, August 7, 2022

Flopcast 535: Giant Zombie Wrestler Yacht Rock

It's a super-short super-silly summer show! Kevin is exhausted and weirdly terrified of movie trailers; Kornflake is baking and flopping on a hammock; it's Book Lovers Day, and our friends are writing too many really good books; we're preparing for DragonCon with School House Rock and Electra Woman face masks; and our Ranking the '80s random song game finally lands on a song that we like. So get on the yacht and let's go.

Sunday, July 31, 2022

Flopcast 534: The Stupid TV Comic Book Game - Kornflake vs. Coin

Over the years, there have been more comic book series based on TV shows than you'd think. Back in the 60s, if your newsstand was sold out of Batman comics, you could still read My Favorite Martian or Petticoat Junction comics, you lucky kid. This week we're diving into the weird world of television-based comics, using the new book American TV Comic Books as our guide. And yes, we made a dumb game out of it. Kornflake is guessing which TV shows were also comic books (The Flying Nun? Welcome Back, Kotter? Laverne and Shirley?), and her competition is the random flip of a shiny Rhode Island state quarter. Listen as these grizzled warriors face off on a battlefield of sitcom reruns and obscure old funnybooks. Only one shall survive. And our money is on the money.

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Flopcast 533: Just Like Chicken Joe

Taylor Dayne is still telling it to our hearts; Maya Rudolph is a Rental; West Virginia is overrun by surfing chickens; and thanks to the DragonCon American Sci-Fi Classics Track, Mork and Mindy are now soldiers of fortune. It's a short show, but it's a goofy show. Enjoy.

Sunday, July 17, 2022

Flopcast 532: Sci-Fi Robot Explosion

It's the middle of stupid summer, so here in Chickentown, it's time for more hot robot talk. But we've turned our annual robot-themed Top 4 ½ List over to a special guest: it's Chris, creator of the wonderful show Sci-Fi Explosion! (Having someone else make the robot list just means more nap time for us. Why didn't we think of this years ago?) Chris has assembled a crazy fun list of favorite pop culture robots, including robots from Buck Rogers (but not the one you're thinking of), Logan's Run (a robot that collects frozen naked people, just like in your dreams), Canadian PSAs (a favorite topic of ours, of course), and more. And if you think Chris got out of here without discussing the sci-fi triumph that is the Billy Ocean "Loverboy" video, you don't really know us at all. Also: Happy Birthday to Don Henley. If you've never experienced a weird robot list before, this is the end of the innocence.

Sunday, July 10, 2022

Flopcast 531: Kornflake Wasn't Like the Other Kids

We're talking about the goofy MTV game show Remote Control, because recently we got to play it! Not the MTV version, but the (also goofy) home game version! We played Remote Control live online with our pals at the DragonCon American Sci-Fi Classics Track, and you can watch the whole crazy thing on YouTube. Meanwhile we're looking back at the original show, live from Ken Ober's basement, with Marisol, Kari, pre-SNL Colin Quinn, pre-SNL Adam Sandler, and even an occasional appearance by Weird Al. Brush up on your Brady Physics and join us. Also: More Electra Woman and Dyna Girl talk on The Batcave Podcast, and a National Whatever Day/Trapped in the House combo game that's beyond human comprehension.

Sunday, July 3, 2022

Flopcast 530: That is a Meatball

One more concert report, this time on a fine evening of synthpop and rock from Freezepop, Carissa Johnson, The Daylilies, and Telelectrix! (We were lurking in the corner, hiding behind a Sleestak mask, but we were there.) And the rest of the episode is also quite musical, including: Happy Birthday to Joan Osborne, Kornflake's weird recipes for Bananarama (and Shakespears Sister) pancakes, another losing round of our Ranking the '80s game, and our exciting new business venture. (We're gonna sell John Denver-themed car air fresheners. Don't tell anyone. We thought of it first.)

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Flopcast 529: How Can We Flop When Our Earth Is Turning?

It's another concert report, because legendary Australian band Midnight Oil came to Boston. Find out if their beds are still burning, if frontman Peter Garrett is still very tall and very bald, and why we expected to be crushed by an anvil during the show. Also: Happy Birthday to Blues Brother/Conehead/vodka enthusiast Dan Aykroyd, Grape Ape talk with Kornflake and the American Sci-Fi Classics Track, and how to tell if Ally Sheedy is really in Boston. Meanwhile, this is Midnight Oil's final tour, and we'll miss them... but we'll always have Air Supply.

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Flopcast 528: Regret Every Minute

We have a special concert report this week, because the pioneering German electropop band Kraftwerk came to Boston! Kevin was there, wearing official Kraftwerk 3-D glasses, because this was not a normal show. We also recall the time Kornflake saw a very different German act in Boston many years ago. (We wish we could say it wasn't Lou Bega, but it was TOTALLY LOU BEGA.) Also: We check out that new Ally Sheedy show Single Drunk Female, National Whatever Day is all about Brian Wilson (he's a Beach Boy, not a Barenaked Lady), and a round of Pudding Pages about large TV families leads to some disturbing Smurf talk.

Sunday, June 12, 2022

Flopcast 527: Flopthumping

We just noticed that 1997 was a quarter century ago, so we thought we'd celebrate with a FlopFight tournament of 1997 pop songs. (It's not quite an official FlopFight; we've relaxed the rules a bit, because we're sleepy.) The competing songs are a mix of pure pop (Spice Girls, Hanson), alt-rock (Cranberries, Third Eye Blind), Lilith ladies (Sheryl Crow, Paula Cole), and crazy goofy weird stuff (get ready for some "Barbie Girl"). Kevin is randomly drawing the contestants, and Kornflake is picking the winners. This won't end well, but neither did the 90s. Also: In honor of a certain Brat Packer's birthday, we're comparing Sheedy notes.

Sunday, June 5, 2022

Flopcast 526: Desert Island Dumb

Inspired by our friend Jon Sloan's comic book series Jim & Celeste, we have a Top 4 ½ List of movies to watch while stranded on an island. The catch is that the movies must be from 1975-1985. Which should be fine, because that's when all the good stuff happened. But we still manage to make some terrible choices. (How many blaxsploitation, vansploitation, car wash, and Gary Coleman movies would you pack for a three hour tour? Probably not as many as us. Although speaking of Gilligan's Island, two of our picks do star Jim Backus. Oops.) Also: We wish a Happy Birthday to a Jedi, and we're sleepy. As usual.